Guda Koster Enigmatic Installations

The limitations and insecurity of the human being, his fears and obsessions, his vanity and his desires are nicely captured in the humorous and challenging works of the Dutch artist Guda Koster.


At Home with Margherita Missoni

Colorful patters, boho chic, vintage, all lavish goes for the home of Italian fashion brand Missonis heiress Margherita Maccapani Missoni. The house she shares with her husband and son near Milan in Montano Luccino Italy is composed of a vast collection of art pieces and ebay furniture. The family textile heritage is visible in many…


Saddo will make you want to rethink your Wallpaper

Saddo is the pseudonym of Raul Oprea. Based in Brasov, Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist Raul has always been attracted to bizarre and fantasy-like imagery ever since his appreciation of horror and sci-fi movies and books since early childhood.


Atypical Rugs You Will Love

Studio Proba and Aelfie collaborated on a a limited edition of rugs, pillows and prints and we are a big fan. The collection includes fun textures, bold geometric patterns, and exciting color palettes which both Studio Proba and Aelfie, thankfully, never shy away from.