City Lights by Patricia Thompson

City Lights is a photographic study by Patricia Thompson which she has been developing for the past 10 years and reflects her experience in NYC, Tokyo and Amsterdam.


TrendOffice: Safari Sundays [New York]

Safari Sundays is an energetic New York based brand development and creative agency. Founded by Damon Gorrie in 2006, the office located on Thompson street is a work of ‘Pop’ art. With collector toys, designer lamps and chairs, trendy wallpapers and all the latest tech gadgets you can imagine, the space offers a great and…


TrendShop: Dear Rivington [NY]

Dear: Rivington is a carefully edited collection of vintage finds presented in a fastidious white-themed interior. Owner Moon Rhee  (who used to work as an antiques dealer in Williamsburg) travels far to acquire the unique selection of furniture and