A Study Of Color In A Barcelona Home

Featured in Apartamento magazine, Casa Horta is a 1920s single-family home in Barcelona that is finally boasting its true colors. Its most recent owner, designer Guillermo Santomà, refurbished the home in an exciting way that still feels natural to the space.


Colourant Series by Floto + Warner

“The shot that you can’t get, that’s what you want,” says Jeremy Floto of New York-based photography duo Floto + Warner. Their new series, Colourant, captures events that would have otherwise passed you by. “A fleeting moment, that blocks and obscures the landscape, a momentary graffiti of air and space.”


Dulux Campaign: Change Your Story

The latest TV ad campaign for Dulux Paint, titled “Prohibition”, is gorgeous! It is the story of a woman living in a world where color has been banned, but finds it way back, in the most dramatic way possible… Below is a sneak preview of the extended 80 second Directors’ Cut which will not be aired…

Lego bridge 2

Megx: Lego The Drab City

Lego bridge in Germany is an instance where quirky ideas like applying primary colours to a concrete bridge can facilitate happiness in an otherwise monotonous drive.

Yosman Botero 1

Yosman Botero’s Made Matter of Empty

There’s something trippily surreal about artwork of people viewing artwork. But this is exactly the subject of some of Yosman Botero‘s recent work, a two-part series called Made Matter of Empty I and II.   The multimedia artist creates these

Gabriel Wickbold3

Gabriel Wickbold: Sexual Colors

Brazilian born, Sao Paolo based  photographer Gabriel Wickbold is 27 years old and self taught, “I picked up some tips from my photographer friends, and made a research laboratory in my studio,” he recalls. “Every day I discover how to do different kinds of lighting. But for me, it’s about much more than the perfect lighting…


Valentine: The Paint Evolution by Culdesac

After traveling throughout culture, history, art and the senses, paint comes home to become incarnate into its tools. For the paint company Valentine, the Spanish designers Culdesac celebrates the ever changing nature of artistic tools and implements them within the Valentine brand. CuldeSac brings to life again the

melissa manfull 3

Melissa Manfull’s Artwork

There are artists you admire for their acute attention to detail, and there are those you admire for free-flowing technique. Melissa Manfull, who works with ink, graphite, and pencil, is an artist admired for both. Combining one to three mediums per piece, Melissa’s work usually features architectural-style geometric structures, juxtaposed with


Boysen Paint Ad Campaign

After their amazing ‘Flowers’ campaign, Boysen paint ads are back and this time with animals, a jellyfish, a mantis and a snail are their latest stunning cgi print ads.


Howard Schatz: Liquid Light Series

The Liquid Light series of world renown fine art photographer Howard Schatz is pretty impressive. Studying the human body as a canvas while playing with light and paint, can bring some pretty unexpected results…


Monica Cook’s Erotic Women

Monica Cook paints beautiful and disturbing portraits of women. In her latest exhibition, Seeded and Soiled, Cook’s nude women engage with gorgeously rendered erotic food in scenes that elicit a range of emotion in the viewer from mesmerized hilarity to horror. The Georgia-born artist graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Savannah College of Art and…


Boysen Paint Ads

G-Nie Arambulo‘s Boysen print ad campaign ‘Flowers’ won a Bronze Lion at the 2009 Cannes International Advertising Festival. This was the second ever Cannes Lion award won by the Philippines and first ever in the print category. The brief seemed straightforward – make flowers out of paint splashes – but it was indeed a simply-said…


Water-like Reality Linnea Strid

One can say without a doubt that Swedish artist Linnea Strid‘s forte is painting water in a way that confuses the onlooker as to whether the piece they are looking at is a photograph or a painting. Strid must have studied water in so much depth [mentally, visually, and physically alike] that she knows it…