A Study Of Color In A Barcelona Home

Featured in Apartamento magazine, Casa Horta is a 1920s single-family home in Barcelona that is finally boasting its true colors. Its most recent owner, designer Guillermo Santomà, refurbished the home in an exciting way that still feels natural to the space.


Colourant Series by Floto + Warner

“The shot that you can’t get, that’s what you want,” says Jeremy Floto of New York-based photography duo Floto + Warner. Their new series, Colourant, captures events that would have otherwise passed you by. “A fleeting moment, that blocks and obscures the landscape, a momentary graffiti of air and space.”


Dulux Campaign: Change Your Story

The latest TV ad campaign for Dulux Paint, titled “Prohibition”, is gorgeous! It is the story of a woman living in a world where color has been banned, but finds it way back, in the most dramatic way possible… Below is a sneak preview of the extended 80 second Directors’ Cut which will not be aired…