Kane World Food Studio [Bucharest]

Kane World Food Studio is a beautifully designed urban oasis envisioned by Hungarian Bogdan Ciocodeica. Serving exotic, fusion cuisine, the restaurant’s interior is a flora-inspired eclecticism, where surfaces of marble, glazed tiles or concrete mix with industrial details on the ceiling and wooden furnishings.


Normann Copenhagen Gorgeous New Showroom

We’ve been longtime fan of Normann Copenhagen for a while now! Following their large-scale, comprehensive renovation, they recently opened the doors of its spectacular new showroom in CPH, inviting the visitor to take a stroll through the fascinating universe of colors and contrasting textures. We LOVE it and can’t wait to visit it as well!


Femmes Regionales x Normann Copenhagen Collection Of Daily Objects

The collaboration between creative agency Femmes Regionales and Scandinavian furniture brand Normann Copenhagen includes more than 200 small objects.  Called ‘Daily Fiction’, it was envisioned as a playful way to translate the idea of fashion and trend into other, more practical industries.


Marbled Foam by Normann Copenhagen

Written by Julia Kasper Our texture obsession with marble gets a soft kick into playful and inventive territory with Normann Copenhagen’s use of marbled foam in their 2014 spring catalogue.