Autumnatic mixtape

TrendMix : Autumnatic

TrendMix Illustration by Spiros Halaris Trendland’s fall mixtape, Autumnatic, follows the natural progression of fall’s fickle moods. Whether it means hitting the books, yellow leaves, or dusting off your stockings and thigh-high boots, the season is upon us to move on from summer, yet let it live on in our hearts.


Au Revoir Simone: Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)

Night Light is Brooklyn-based lady trio Au Revoir Simone remixed. It is the fraternal twin to their beloved original album, Still Night, Still Light, retold and mastered by Neon Indian, Jens Lekman, Dam Mantle, Montag, Aeroplane, among others. Clock Opera’s take on the dreamy pop band’s song, “Tell Me,” opens an unexplored door to their melody-packed tune. The track is another perfect example of how a remix can completely redefine the experience a song provides.

Neon Indian Psychic Chasms

SONG OF THE DAY : [10/25]

Neon Indian : Deadbeat Summer Alan Palomo is Neon Indian, the male musician who albeit being recognized only recently will have already toured the world come 2010. His music is melancholic and memorable, based around childhood events, high school crushes, and hopeless romance. Deadbeat Summer feels like a stoned summer of youthful daydreams, warped and relaxed. Palomo’s album…