Otherworldly Tash Sultana Tiny Desk Concert

We haven’t featured Music on Trendland for a while, but when we discover such an amazing artist, we have to share it with you! If you are enjoying Trendland’s editorial direction and aesthetic vision, you should share as well a similar taste in music!? Last year, Tash Sultana posted a self-made video, just her in…


25 Cool Monster Costumes in Dan Black’s Music Video

In this cool music video for Dan Black’s “Farewell” feat. Kelis, French director-duo Chic & Artistic, used 25 monsters to illustrate the song’s theme of memory. Each monster is a unique, original creation, made using multiple techniques, including the recycling of materials.


Colin Czerwinski Pays Tribute To Vinyl Records

Visual artist from California, Colin Czerwinski pays tribute to music with a sentimental series called ‘The Beauty of Vinyl’. With a fine art approach, Czerwinski revives his childhood memories after digging into his father’s music collection.