A Mysterious New Record by Paul McCartney

The video for one of the biggest releases of the year unites the past and the present in an unlikely pairing of one of rock’s most iconic figures with two contemporary dance music heroes.


Martin Molin Makes Music With Marbles

Martin Molin’s Wintergatan Marble Machine is music to our ears. The Swedish musician and his team set aside two months, which then turned into a little more than a year, to devote to his creative idea: making music with marbles.


SXMusic Festival to Launch in St Martin

SXMusic is a new ’boutique’ Festival that will take place in the dreaming Caribbean island of Saint Martin. From March 9th through 13th the scenes will be split across three areas—The Beach, The Bay and The Forest.


The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open Music Video (feat. Beck)

Last year, The Chemical Brothers teamed with Beck for Born in the Echoes track “Wide Open”. Now, that song has a video, directed by longtime Chemicals collaborators Dom & Nic. In it, a dancer performs in a warehouse as her body undergoes a supernatural transformation looking like a 3D printed body… Watch it below.


Reptile Youth: My Yoko Ono

What do you get when you blend 37 motion graphics students from Hyper Island with 2.5 days and an image of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa factory ?


Vashtie Kola Mixtape

This past week, MATTE Projects presented: A PARTY – A concoction of sorts that took things to where they once were, an orchestra of New York’s beautiful eccentricities at the iconic Bowery Bank Building, with special love from Black Butter Records.

Aestheic Sound

Aesthetics Sounds : Mad World (Cover)

You may know this Manchester duo from Bipolar Sunshine or Jazz Purple…Kid British anyone? Or you caught them at SXSW last year? Dig into Adio Marchant and Ola Mudape Ojo. The freshly crafted 6-track mixtape, Aesthetic 1.0, houses this gem cover of Mad World – unleashing their latest music project under the name Aesthetics Sounds.…


From the Parisian Subway to the Biggest European Stages

Benjamin Clementine is a charismatic singer-poet, pianist, composer and affecting performer. Hailing from London, he started his artistic career whilst traveling in Paris in 2009. At just 19 his talent was discovered while playing in the Parisian Subway. He has also been highly praised for his distinctive tenor vocals.


KinKid: Colorine Album

The electronic beats from the independent scene of Rio de Janeiro won over a good rep with the debut album from producer Kinkid, also known as Jose Hesse.   Colorine is


Vinyl Monday #7

This week we will dedicate our session to one of the most important labels to ever emerge in American music, Philadelphia International Records. The label founded by Kenneth Gamble & Leon Ruff(aka: Mother Father Sister Brother) in the year of 1971, shaped the sound of Philadelphia to the world, and still today is considered to…


Vinyl Monday #6

This week’s Vinyl Monday is dedicated to 4 sleeves that stand inside any listing of the best hip-hop albums ever. Nevertheless we narrowed down our selection to only East Coast hip-hop, from The Tribe to Biggie from street art to politics.


Vinyl Monday #5

To celebrate the summer, for this Vinyl Monday we selected 4 artworks that will literally take you to the beach!


Vinyl Monday #4

This week for Vinyl Monday we dedicate our column only to remarkable Jazz sleeves. We handpicked 4 extremely influential albums from 3 different decades ranging from cool jazz to fusion, exploring the work of legendary Jazz sleeve designers such as Robert Flynn and William Claxton. The music couldn’t be


Sbtrkt : New Dorp New York

  With an unconventional minimalistic beat and rugged garage sound, New Dorp.New York is the first single off SBTRKT’s collaborative effort Wonder Where We Land. Featuring Vampire Weekend vocalist Ezra Koenig, Wonder Where We Land will be the sophomore album from London-based producer Aaron Jerome.   Although released on UK’s Young Turks, New Dorp NewYork is an ode to New…


Vinyl Monday #3

This week we are dedicating our column to smoking hot sexy covers. Needless to say that all albums selected also carry extremely hot music, from Tropicalia to Glam Rock and garage rock revival to


Vinyl Monday #2

This week we are dedicating our section to great albums with remarkable illustrated art covers. For that, we selected some iconic sleeves from albums that we love. Not only the


Vinyl Monday #1

Because we like music, vinyls and graphic design, we thought we should start to archive some of our favorite Vinyl covers to share with you. This section will be curated by our Brazilian friends from Arara Agency (@ararainc).


Sonar | Primavera : Beyond the Festivites

  In the midst of the metropolis of Barcelona emerge two of the world’s most re-known music & cultural festivals in Primavera & Sonar. Founded by Spaniards and held in their back yard, beyond just providing a playground for musicians, artists, fans, scientific entrepreneurs, and creatives of all walks to indulge their spirits, these festivals…


Governors Ball ’14

[parallax speed=”0.5″ img_element=”no” top_img_el=”0px” left_img_el=”0px” speed_el=”0.5″ width_el=”980px” height_el=”0px” padding=”150px 50px 0″ width=”100%” float=”none” img_bg=”133979″ height=”900px”] GOVERNORS  BALL ’14 [/parallax] We, the Congressmen, Getting Down At the Local Governors Ball. Get looped in (or go ahead, relive it) with this high quality, 3-day low-down on the….


SBTRKT : Temporary View Ft Sampha

  Two names we are quite accustomed to seeing together in SBTRKT and Sampha bring it to us once again. As per usual their cohesive sound blends the soulful vocalization of Sampha with the electronic intricacies of SBTRKT perfectly giving us a


Fakear : Influential 6

22 year-old French beatmaker Fakear is a gifted student of electronic music, soon-to-be master. Trendland caught up with Fakear to get a little piece of his mind as he breaks down 6 song selections that have influenced his music in one way or another. After all, what better way to really get to know an artist and…

Chalice Symphony

Stella Artios : The Chalice Symphony

Belgian beer company Stella Artois has come to be known not only for a brilliantly brewed pilsner they have been perfecting for hundreds of years but in the past several years they have established themselves as a innovative force in marketing with their witty campaigning which is headed by one of today’s most reputable ad…


James Murphy’s Musical Subway

When James Murphy floated the idea via podcast a few months ago of incorporating a music element into the the mechanisms contained in the turnstiles in the subway, the execution was seemingly farfetched. But the former LCD Soundsystem frontman and DFA records chairman hasn’t given up on hope that we can “have something quite beautiful in…


Painted BLACK Mix : Stefan Biniak

    German deep house connoisseur Stefan Biniak is just one of the artists to catch as MATTE Projects kicks off their 3 act musical experience PAINTED BLACK on February 13th.