An Eye Towards Fashion

The editorial project PIECES was born from a creative collaboration between artist Lola Dupre and photographer and visual artist Lisa Carletta. PIECES, designed for Eye Republic Magazine, moves with a fluid visual rhythm where facial features such as the eyes and lips are repeated, and distorted, across the page.


Little Worlds Show The Lives We Lead Through Technology

London-based Hong Kong illustrator and product designer Kevin LCK has merged his two passions in his new series for the ongoing project titled Ordinary Behavior. To stay true to his project, the series explores how humans interact and are codependent with technology. Kevin LCK was able to create tangible illustrations, which he coined as “illustrative…


Interesting Insect Wall Art

If you are into creepy crawlers, this one is for you. Artist Jennifer Angus is known for creating large-scale artworks that incorporate real insects as the focal point. Angus has devoted much of her time in southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand and Malaysia, where she has gathered thousands of insects to display in her art.

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Max Shuster Reimagines Reality

Max Shuster is a designer and photographer from Nashville. He creates playfully absurd and sometimes bizarrely grotesque ephemeral constructions, sculptures and sets.


Reine Paradis is a Digital Art Queen

Reine Paradis is a French artist based in Los Angeles, California. This vintage mixed-media project titled Jungle is a mix of photography, collage and photomontage. The main character of her stories is always a staged woman, dressed in red, who plays in and interacts with a blue and white world, and creates funny situations.


Pastel Collages Paradise

Jose Navarro aka Ayjoselito is a UX/UI graphic designer from Spain that creates collages as hobby. His gorgeous pastel mixed media compositions have gone viral and, thanks to social media, brought him work with Samsung and Volkswagen amongst others.