Louise Mertens : Glitch

Voluntary imperfections. Louise Mertens sensually manipulates images in a minimalist style. Femininity floats in textured and balanced compositions. Neutral colors and abstractions mingle with models in aestheticism of the numerical error.


Jenya Vyguzov Stunning Fashion Collages

Young Russian collage artist Jenya Vyguzov creates stunning mixed-media fashion collages. His work is infused with abstract visuals and vibrant colors that talk about the imperfection and faultiness as a vital and wonderful part of the world we live in. Love it!


Misplaced Series: NY Famous Building in Deserted Landscapes

Anton Repponen is a New York-based interactive designer and the author of this great project called The Misplaced Series in which he took 11 iconic New York buildings and removes them from their surroundings and “misplaces” them in desolate landscapes around the world.


An Eye Towards Fashion

The editorial project PIECES was born from a creative collaboration between artist Lola Dupre and photographer and visual artist Lisa Carletta. PIECES, designed for Eye Republic Magazine, moves with a fluid visual rhythm where facial features such as the eyes and lips are repeated, and distorted, across the page.