Xuan Chen’s Sculptures Explore Light And Space

Playing with the concept of light, movement and space, the surreal works of Xuan Chen are inspired by the California light, the Space Movement and constructivism. She creates wall sculptures of an iPad size, spatial arrangements that you’re invited to explore and interpret.


Back to The Past With Alexey Kondakov

Thanks to his very accurate photoshop skills, Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov allows Caravaggio and Bouguereau’s muses and angels – (just to name a few) to be seamlessly integrated with daily life surroundings in Kiev and Naples.


Hannah Whitaker’s Mixed-Media Collages

The art technique of Hannah Whitaker is far from ordinary. Her graphic collages start with a sketch, later cut into paper screens and inserted into the camera during exposure. The artist intersects different media and explores the possibilities of redefining the analogue process.