Kendal Murray Miniature Worlds

Through the workings of memory, toys have power as evocative symbols of time past. Australian artist Kendal Murray’s artworks are based on the experience of play, dream like scenarios to represent memory, and toy forms.


The Miniature Landscapes Sculptures of Graem Whyte

In this body of work, Graem Whyte revisits and refines elements of his recent past work in miniature landscapes to invite the mind to dream about the magic and mystery in the world around us–to honor the past, while envisioning a better future.


New Work From Slinkachu

It’s been a while since we checked in with London-based artist Slinkachu, a favorite artist working with tiny scale figures and scenes.


Big Appetites by Christopher Boffoli

The very first one to work with the concept of shooting miniatures into real life sets was London based artist Slinkachu. Since then, we have sen it in print campaigns (Ben & Jerry’s in the NY subways right now) and plenty of other media. A tad different but in the same vein, this series, called


Disaster in Littleland by Slinkachu

Disaster in Littleland” is one of the brilliant stories fabricated, by the London based artist known as Slinkachu, for his blog Little People. Slinkachu spends a lot of his time setting up miniature sets throughout London which seem frighteningly real when photographed. Often times he leaves his Little People in their set around the city for people to discover…