Casa Bahia on Coconut Grove Peninsula [Miami]

Miami modern design meets Asian tropical bespoke design. Envisioned by revered filmmaker Alejandro Landes (known for his award-winning film, Porfirio), Casa Bahia is sits right on a private Coconut Grove peninsula with breathtaking views of Miami’s downtown skyline and bay.


Surf Club Hotel Redesigned by Joseph Diran

The Four Seasons Surf Club Hotel and Residences is undergoing a makeover. The development will feature new hotel rooms and residences in addition to a tropical oceanfront cabana collection designed by one of our favorite (french) architect Joseph Dirand.


Studio Formafantasma Opens Aybar Gallery in Miami

After working for five years in Asia, Spanish design curator Francisco Polo and German interior architect Markus Herchet, opened their new space in Miami just last month. The Aybar Gallery is devoted to showcasing limited and unique pieces and architecture projects in an environment that is constantly “imagining, anticipating and interpreting the conceptual space of…


A Peek Inside Luxury Retail

Grégoire Vieille studied photography in Paris and developed a preference for the control offered by studio work and still life work. Vielle also devoted his career to advertising campaigns and commissions alongside photographing architectural interiors.


The Parallel Universe of Jean-Francois Rauzier

Paris-based photographer Jean-Francois Rauzier began his career as a fashion photographer. Realizing he could use digital photography to compose a grid of pictures, the artist went on to create these incredibly detailed panoramas. Enriched by his work in commercial photography, and as a pioneer of the numerical collection, he was one of the first to create…