Song of the Day : [1/24]

Staying on the theme of CSS I wanted to add one of their latest hit tracks, called “Move” from the “Donkey” album which the released mid of last year. This song has plenty of remixes as well that you can check out on their myspace page. Whatever your feelings were about their first album will most likely transcend into their second album, “Donkey”, since it stays pretty true to their first delivery


CSS x Peggy Noland

If you are a fan of Brazilian group CSS, than one of the things you can’t help but wonder is where they get all these outrageous outfits. Lead Singer, Lovefox, is almost always seen decked out in ‘fits from who other than our friend Peggy Noland, the Queen of Latex jumpers and bright 80’s patterns. We introduced you to Peggy back in 2007 ( see interview here ), when she first launched her brand…