The NOMADISMI Exhibit in Milan

As a society, we have embraced the concept of a nomadic lifestyle and explore our world through digital and physical travel. The mentality of living with less has become more favorable than the need to accumulate excess belongings.


North Meets South By: Lidewij Edelkoort

East-meets-west in this visual representation of the subconscious unification of world culture. No matter how far the distance, elements from two parts of the globe are compared and surprisingly unified in design and aesthetic. Moving into a more raw era of design, the importance of artisans and

Doswell & McLean-bloom magazine-13

Doswell & McLean For Bloom Magazine

Photographer and Stylist dream team Doswell and Mclean has jut finished their first collaborative project for Trend Guru Li Edelkoort’s Bloom Magazine. They were asked by Edelkoort’s trend forecasting company Trend Union to style and shoot a piece on natural dyes for their latest issue (No.20), and here are their stunning results.


Imke Klee Trend Stylist/Photographer

Imke klee is a stylist, photographer and trend analyst at Li Edelkoort (Trend Union) in Paris. I just stumbled over these beautifully executed color-coded pictures of ‘things’, that probably finish in a Trend Union book.