‘i ro se’ Japanese Leather Products

i ro se is a Japanese brand established by two brothers from Tokyo. When they were children, they often had fun making toys with junk in and around their house. Now, as two grown-ups, they made a platform called i ro se where they create products with the same playfulness they had in their childhood.


Du Zen! Multifunctional Leather

With a perfect balance of playful, bold, and practical, the Du Zen! design philosophy is epitomized by smart silhouettes and pops of color.


Anastasiya Komarova’s Forms

Four years is not really a long lifetime for a brand. Especially one that’s as developed and extraordinary as Anastasiya Komarova‘s Forms. The first fashion brand from the 28-year-old Russian architect churns out some of the most unique leather clutches, cuffs, and accessories that you won’t want to let go of.