Alaskan Fjord Transformed via Infrared

During the Summer of 2016, Photographer Bradley Munkowitz embarked on an Inspiring Adventure up the Best Coast of the United States – traveling pretty much as far north as it goes.. Venturing on a small Vessel, he toured and photographed the incomparable Tracy Arm Fjord in Juneau Alaska, and captured it’s picturesque landscapes in Full-Spectrum.


The Miniature Landscapes Sculptures of Graem Whyte

In this body of work, Graem Whyte revisits and refines elements of his recent past work in miniature landscapes to invite the mind to dream about the magic and mystery in the world around us–to honor the past, while envisioning a better future.


Layered 3D Landscapes Sculpted into Antique Plates

One of the most striking work of ceramic artist Caroline Slotte titled ‘Landscape Multiple’ is overlaid plates where landscapes or life scenes are embedded inside, with all the finesse of Auguste Renoir impressionist paintings.