Dreamscapes-without photoshop-Jee-Young Lee-10


Written by  Maria Eilersen   Untouched digital images are hard to come by in the modern art world, but Korean artist Jee Young Lee proves that you don’t need Photoshop to capture vibrantly surreal scenes on camera. Staged inside a very small studio,

ho ryon lee-overlapping skirt flirts-04

Ho-Ryon Lee’s Overlapping Images

Korean artist Ho-Ryon Lee’s pieces are classified as paintings, although they look much closer to photography. Indeed, he paints on canvas but the previous process includes the artist taking several photos of the model in a specific pose and


Jinyoung Shin – Manga Style Illustrations

Amazing work by NY based Korean artist Jinyoung Shin – Jinyoung has developed a very unique* style strongly influenced by Japanese manga look but with a very decay feeling, very interesting and intense I love it !! – “Through my work, I want to reach the mind of a person with a …


Gwon Osang – Collage Master

This Korean Artist, Gwon Osang makes extraordinary life-size sculptures of people. He uses hundreds of photographic images to build up the surface appearance of his models, including the face, their hair and their clothes. The process gives his beautifully crafted figures both photo-realist and surreal qualities.