HaeNyeo: Women of the Sea [Exhibition]

The new travel site Travel Do.se got the exclusivity by the Korean Cultural Service New York of these amazing photographs for their upcoming exhibition: HaeNyeo: Women of the Sea featuring photography and video art focused on the extraordinary lives of Korean female free divers called haenyeo, examining them in a newly artistic point of view.

fashion font 21

Yvette Yang’s Fashion Font

Designer Yvette Yang has kept her eyes on the runway for years, but not for the reasons you’d expect. The Korean-born, Paris-based artist has been creating a series of Fashion Fonts for six years now,


Lee Jung Woong’s Hyper Realistic Paintings

Op art in the form of hyper realistic painting is something artist Lee Jung Woong has brilliantly mastered. Born in Korea in 1963, Woong has made a name for himself internationally with his series of insanely realistic “Brush” paintings. Woong uses Chinese ink, oil paint and Korean paper. His paintings of brushes covered in ink…