Majotae Exhibition by Yusuke Seki

‘The Forgotten Fabric’ exhibition of Japanese designer Yusuke Seki was made for Tokyo based textile brand Majotae, a company specialized in fabrics made from hemp woven.


Extraordinary Maruhiro Ceramics Store [Japan]

Maruhiro‘s flagship store in Saga Prefecture, Japan, features a snow-white, site-specific installation of layered tableware. The leading producer of Hasami ceramics gathered 25,000 products to create an artisanal surface made of plates, bowls and cups.


Austere Satoyama Jujo Hotel In Minami-Uonuma

Satoyama Jujo is a 150-year-old-house transfromed into a 12-room boutique hotel in a city of Minami-Uonuma, two hours drive away from Tokyo. Its name can be translated as ‘mountain village’ and everything inside this small resort draws inspiration from Asian tradition.


Onsen Design Zen Bath House In San Francisco

Onsen is a Japan-inspired zen bathhouse fit in a former auto body shop in San Francisco. Designed from scratch by husband and wife Sunny Simmons and Caroline Smith, they aimed to keep the original spirit of the place, while adding a modern touch.


Basho Sushi Bar has 8,400 Flying Chopsticks On its Ceiling

With its 8,400 chopsticks suspended on a ceiling, Basho Sushi House in Porto is a space highlighting the work of a sushi chef. Designed by Paulo Merlini, the bar is only a 25-square-metre space where the installation marks a central point of the restaurant, adding a touch of magic to the dining experience.