Rob Kennon’s Plywood Design

Architect Rob Kennon’s most recent projects today, the Lees House in Northcote, Victoria, features an abundance of raw materials and plywood, which combined with the grey and black accents throughout the home create a serene and calm air.


Old London Courthouse Reconverted into Stunning Home (For Sale)

If you are on the market in London for a £2.5M home, then this old courthouse building reconversion could be an option for you! This sensational and dramatic vaulted apartment was originally Court Room No1 at this Grade II listed courthouse building in West Kensington, known as The Old Courthouse.


Wonderland Home By House Design Studio

Situated in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, this bright and colorful apartment belongs to a lively teacher. Designed by House Design Studio, the residential project uses color as one of the essential elements to create a positive ambience and high energy vibe.


Esters Apartment by Bruzkus Batek Architects

Bruzkus Batek’s design ideas found an ideal stage in the remodelling and renovation of Ester Bruzkus’s own apartment. A bright and extensive space was created offering Ester Bruzkus a place of both openness and retreat.


Design Artifacts at Obsolete Inc

This small, museum-like design store in Culver City specializes in one-of-a kind art, furniture and decorative objects. The surprise gems at Obsolete’s are mind-blowing. Owner Ray Azoulay travels the world to find unique and rare objects. Written by Jade Moyano

architectural-masterpiece-by-François Champsaur-paris-01

Architectural Masterpiece in Paris

The interior renovation of this apartment in Paris was a long way coming. After 40 years of the same old look the owners decided to bring in renowned designer François Champsaur to revamp the beautiful structure.


Scandinavian Style in Rustic Mallorca

Danish designer Tine Kjeldsen is famous for her trademark Scandinavian style. Her Danish apartment has been featured in magazines before, her unique style always distinctively making a strong impression.


Inside Juerg Judin’s 1950s Converted Gas Station

This Shell station was built in 1954 and was abandoned in 1986 then sat empty until it was bought in 2005 by Juerg Judin, one of Berlin’s most influential gallerists. 3 years of work to rehabilitate the station with the help of BFS Design, they renovated the structure into an amazing live/work space with a…


Gorgeous Belgium Bea B&B

Located in Belgium at 20 minutes from Bruges on a stunning location in the heart of Knokke-le Zoute, this gorgeous bed and breakfast project by Bae Mombaers offers the weary traveller a beautiful place to stay for the night.


Very Inspiring Interior Photography by Jerome Galland

French interior and Travel photographer Jerome Galland has some very inspiring photographs in his portfolio. With a keen eye for detail and color, Galland has shot all around the world, the most exquisite hotels, open space interiors, and minimalist homes for the best interior design publications. Some rare and wonderful treats…


A New kind of Cosmetic Store with ‘Heliocosm’

FREAKS freearchitects have been commissioned for the interior design of the shop for a new French natural cosmetics brand: Heliocosm. With a small budget of 100K€, and an even smaller space (100sqm area) with which to work, F R E A K S added a few fresh touches to an old Parisian space in order…


Interior Styling by Irina Graewe

Irina Graewe is a German interiors editor and stylist currently living in Hamburg. Her background includes training as a tailor at Jil Sander in Hamburg and studying at the London College of Fashion. After obtaining her degree, she re-aligned her interest into interiors and design where she found her true passion. She started working as…


Contemporary Country Home

Like most Sao Paulo affluent home owners, this young couple has a house in the city and one in the countryside. Yet, this country home isn’t like the others you would find in the area.


Casa FC Itu: A Low Profile High End Home

Situated about an hour from the city of Sao Paulo, this home by Studio Arthur Casas takes full advantage of its beautiful natural surroundings. A simple yet sophisticated floor plan divides the interiors nicely, with the children’s room on the ground floor, and a courtyard that forms an intimate living room opening into the terrace…


Faye Toogood Drawing Room at London Design Festival

The genteel traditions of the English drawing room have been redrafted by designer Faye Toogood. Visitors to the building are invited to relax in an environment that evokes a derelict country house – although in this case the surrounds have been literally drawn in.


Yin & Yang in Pharmacy Design

PHARMACIE UNIPRIX KIEU TRUONG Empathetic, colorful and Feng Shui, these elements have guided the design of this pharmacy. Created by the firm Jean Lessard, creative designers, the Uniprix pharmacy located in Quartier DIX30, on the outskirts of Montreal, stands out from the usual design of this type of superstore because it challenges accepted notions.


The Wolf Upstairs’ Design

Working within an existing grand space with Victorian arched windows and original moulded ceilings, Melbourne-based Interior Design & Architecture practice Meme’s approach was to source original pieces, not recognizable as iconic, but unexpected with strength of character. This journey involved working closely with local furniture enthusiasts and artisans.