Industrial Minimalist for The Hollander Hotel [Chicago]

The Hollander hotel in Chicago is a new design and social space, where visitors are encouraged to connect with each other before arrival via Instagram. The interior, conceived by French studio Delordinaire, allows guests to cross their paths and interact. Laundromat is located right next to the reception where one can enjoy a coffee while…


Back to The Past With Alexey Kondakov

Thanks to his very accurate photoshop skills, Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov allows Caravaggio and Bouguereau’s muses and angels – (just to name a few) to be seamlessly integrated with daily life surroundings in Kiev and Naples.


Danny NG’s Minimal Reflections

Singapore based art director Danny NG, recently launch his Instagram to show off his photography skills. His minimal self-portraits and pictures obliterated by objects, textiles or those simply hidden from the viewers were made into introspective series to draw attention of the surrounding beauty and details.


Dinara Kasko’s Architectural Cakes

Sculpture-like geometric cakes by an Ukrainian pastry chef and Kharkov University Architecture School graduate Dinara Kasko are made using highly-advanced techniques such as mathematical Voronoi method or 3D mapping.