A Look at Food in 2050

Twenty-Fifty is a visual exploration of the global food crisis predicted for the year two thousand and fifty – a result of the inability of the earth’s natural resources to meet future demand.


Breaking Down European Stereotypes

Who said infographics always have to be serious? For those who can take a joke, can be pretty satirical too. Information designer, Yanko Tsvetkov took 20 European stereotypes and sliced up Europe accordingly.


Graphing Where People Run

Running and sports in general have become a social activity. There is so much technology and specifically apps available to help you track every aspect if your activities, but what are we really doing with that data, other than posting across our social media handles to show people how disciplined we are.


Visual Victuals Cookbook Infographs

We have started to see more and more people from outside landscapes dabble in the food industry. This has resulted in a constant flow of conceptual and creative projects with food at their core.


Feltron’s Infographic Annual Reports

Feltron annual reports are not only an example of first-class infographics but also a fascinating showcase of our increasingly quantified lives. Nickolas Feltron is an influential American designer obsessed with