James White’s Gorgeous ‘NeoWave’ Futuristic Illustrations

Canadian illustrator James White, just released his latest illustration series entitled ‘NeoWave’. A gorgeous futuristic series that transport us on a geometric planet. Today, James is focusing on various neon-infused art projects, creating some pieces to compliment his 80s childhood.


A Playful Approach to Constructivism

Ola Niepsuj brings fun, witty, and bright illustrations to life. Niepsuj, a Warsaw based illustrator and graphic designer, has been recognized in Poland and abroad for her work ranging from posters, infographics, and visual identities. Although varying in topic and form, the posters all share a collage-like texture and playful quality. https://www.behance.net/olaniepsuj


Do You Want to Space Travel?

Imagination is our window into the future. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab loves the future and this posters project show it even more. They released a free series of space travel posters that are very retro-futuristic.


Gabriel Levesque Futuristic Illustrations

Montreal-based illustrator Gabriel Levesque visually conceptualizes futuristic worlds. Just discovered him through his series titled Mind’s Eye, featuring faceless silhouetted figures who is illuminated by the scenes taking place in their head.


Star Wars Characters dressed like Hipsters!

For the upcoming Star Wars, British illustrator David Murray introduce his own view of the Star Wars characters dressed with the latest Fall 2015 collections. After his Fashion horror illustrations, it’s now Hipster Star Wars !