Ugo Gattoni’s Hippopolis Hermes Scarf

There was no doubt in Ugo Gattoni’s mind what the theme for his first Hermès scarf would be. At the centre of his megapolis stands none other than a gigantic monument dedicated to the horse.

dream-house -stamp-collection-by-kuocheng-liao-featured

Dream House Stamp Collection By Kuocheng Liao

Kuocheng Liao investigates dreams of an ideal house with a self-illustrated stamp collection. Taipei-based graphic designer has created a series of cartoon drawings that explore what a perfect shelter shall look like.


The Still Lifes of David Pocull

After travels to New York and London, Spanish illustrator settled in France. Apart from his own production company, he looks into animation. The recent series of still lifes ‘Nature Morte’ is a tribute to cubism, inspired by Braque, Gris and Picasso, playing with geometry and shadows.


Daniel Triendl Draws Attention To True Issues

Daniel Triendl is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer who lives and works in Vienna.His work is interested in exploring connections between subjects, colors and language, which he showcases in bright illustrations and typography.


Owen Gent Illustrates A Modern Resurrection

Owen Gent explores a modern resurrection through his series of editorial illustrations which are meant to accompany an article on “the resurrection in a secular world.” Gent pairs soft colors with strong messages in an effective and astounding work. The theme of his series centers around a main figure, often larger-than-life, who interacts with the…