Andre Larcev’s Botanical Graphics

Russian artist Andre Larcev is the creative mind behind floral graphics that feature poetic phrases intertwined in between the leaves. Larcev is currently residing in Moscow, where he works as a designer and sound producer.


Ethearal Portraits By Hsiao-Ron Cheng

The illustrations of Hsiao-Ron Cheng carry a sense of evanescence and ethereality. The Taiwanese artist creates portraits subtle and dreamy, where subjects’ eyes seem distant and wandering in places unattainable for the viewer


Fairytale Illustrations Of Monica Rohan

Monica Rohan is an illustrator from Australia, depicting female sensitivities as her girls are swamped by oceans of floral textiles. Her fairytale heroines are anonymous with their faces  half hidden, always ready for another whimsical adventure.


Bold Portraits Of Pop-Culture By Bagger43

Pop-culture portraits by an American illustrator Bagger43 are visually eye-catching. Working with transparent watercolors, the artist doesn’t use black outlines around the figures, adding lightness to the body shapes and exposing the vibrancy of colors.


Anai Greog Illustrations Are Optical Illusions

Anai Greog is a Romanian illustrator that works purely with the digital. She approached the circle as a method to investigate oneself which is the frame for her graphic series of visuals that take form of optical illusions.