Mr. Bingo’s Hate Mail

Written By Guest Blogger Anita Wu   Presenting a refreshing distraction to the current contemporary art scene, spectators alike will become quickly accustomed to Mr Bingo’s new illustration project Hate Mail.


A Beautiful Infographic of 30 Shots

It always comes in handy at parties to know how to do cocktails or shots, while we already reviewed these great Cocktail infographic posters (here & here), here is another cool poster designed by Donald Bullach. This time it’s for shots! Enjoy the 30 shots recipes you can now make for your next party! and…


Mustafa Soydan Fashion Illustrations

A couple of months ago we introduced you to the mixed media work of Turkish illustrator Mustafa Soydan, and today we are sharing his gorgeous fashion illustrations. His work was sent to us (again) via our Facebook page while asking for


Art Basel Miami Insider

Art Basel is the new Coachella.  Music was cool, but art is cooler.  Gather around completely unrestrained works, mix in its creators, dealers, and curators, and here you have Art Basel Miami: an open field for everyone to talk about and interpret art,


Jennifer Madden’s Illustration Series

We found this series from designer Jennifer Madden and had to share it with you guys. Madden is a graphic designer at Abercrombie & Fitch but she injects her personal work with playfulness and femininity. A look through her portfolio features some cool branding and graphic design, and we love that her skills include a…

Gonzalo Azores X Barclaycard1

Gonzalo Azores X Barclaycard

Get in the spirit with this playful rendition of Holiday treats in a cartoon-esque style.  Delicious traditional seasonal eats are highlighted in all their glory accompanied by antic doodles illustrated by Laura Hunter.  Thought up by freelance art director and


The Visual Language of Sarah Illenberger

By now you should be familiar with the work of Berlin artist Sarah Illenberger, who has long made us smile here at Trendland with her humorous and insightful perspective, seen in concise visual forms. Working at the intersection of 3D design, photography, set design, styling and illustration, Illenberger speaks in images,


Geraldine George’s Mixed Media Illustrations

Belgian graphic designer and illustrator Geraldine Georges mixes photography with other illustrated elements such as natural flowers or birds. The result is a digital collage series that exudes a delicate but powerful mysticism.


Adam S. Doyle’s Birds

Artist Adam S. Doyle is interested in what’s not there, he uses long swift brushstrokes, calligraphic in style, to create his images, bold and simple, yet infused with the essence of the subject.  Using eastern art as a foundation, Doyle manages to find a balance between the elegance of form and a representation of ‘energy within’.…


The Ultimate Debate: Copywriter vs Art Director

The Tool, left Copywriter vs. Art Director is a series of illustrations depicting the eternal dispute and differences between the two. While not everyone may agree, these seem pretty on par with what we have experienced here at Trendland. Scroll for more, you will surely have a laugh or two!


Shades of Change by Marin Dearie

Shades of Change was created by American artist Marin Dearie, which depicts the changes in nature and popular culture through a series of color charts. From fake tans and tea brewing to Michael Jackson, the series illustrates these changes in a humorous and informative way. Which one is your favorite?


Marynn Fashion Illustrations

French graphic design student, Marynn, is based in Nantes and have a curiosity led by the search of realism. You can see that in her simple yet graphic style using black and white pencil with subtle touch of colors. I especially like her portraits series.

Full Bloom by Daryl Feril-Dior

Brands in Full Bloom by Daryl Feril

Mixed media illustrator Daryl Feril uses a process of illustration, watercolors and graphic design to exhibit these recognizable fashion labels. Keeping with the aesthetic of each brand Feril represents Chanel’s classic black & white palette, Alexander McQueen with the essence of darkness and romantic elements, which we see from the McQueen label each season, and Yves…


Emmanuelle Walker’s Dogs & Cars

Dogs & Cars is Emmanuelle Walker’s last series of images. Canadian 2D and 3D illustrator opens travel imaginary to humans’ best friends. Anybody who has ever driven with dogs knows they also do it their way. Some like watching out from the window, laziest just

cristian grossi 10

Cristian Grossi’s New Fashion Illustrations

With an eye-catching style inspired by minimalism and modernism, it was only natural for Cristian Grossi to be embraced by the fashion set. The Italian artist blends his abstract graphic style with a distinct love for nature and magical folk tales, as seen in his digital graphic works, handmade notebooks, and most recently, the


Izziyana Suhaimi’s Embriodered Illustrations

Just how good is Izziyana Suhaimi? Let us count the ways: the Singaporean artist embroiders to pinpoint perfection, dabbles with watercolor, and obviously knows how to wield a pencil.  And she tends to do all these things within a single piece of work. Izziyana first stumbled upon this hybrid technique while doing a school project…

andre wee

André Wee’s Forming and Fragmenting

André Wee describes himself as a visual artist who is “sleep deprived from work but very oddly happy”. This, we’re guessing, is probably because the twenty two year old is still a student of Rhode Island School of Design, yet is already busy churning out stunning works across all mediums.   With roughly complete 14…

berk senturk 6

Berk Senturk’s Oh, Hi!

Oh, Hi! is just about as fresh and likeable as it sounds. A series of illustrations by Berk Senturk, it presents some pretty awkward meetings between superheroes and other famous pop culture icons. Some related and some not so, the pairings include: Edward Scissorhands and Wolverine, Marty McFly and the Terminator (early years), and Freddie…


Tara Tucker’s Bestiary

Tara Tucker has created a stunning bestiary of animals crossed with flora or having bizarre relationships with other species. Maybe the fact that she often accompanied her mother to Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, where mum volunteered to learn taxidermy and Tara was assigned to

mel kadel-drawings-05

Mel Kadel’s Drawings

Mel Kadel uses the technique called “drawing with an eyelash” on her floral, dropped and striped patterns and the peculiar characters of her images. She works using ancient papers, tiny pens, cotton swabs and glue. Grew up in Pennsylvania suburbs and graduated from Moore College of Art & Design in 1997, moved to

bill brown-the camera collection-06

The Camera Collection

Bill Brown, designer and artist living in Western Massachusetts, made 100 different models of pixelated camera illustrations, between traditional, tall, Lomography, Polaroid, disposable, DSLR, point and shoot… He put them all online under a


Hanna Albrektson’s Artworks

I just discovered the work of Swedish illustrator/paper artist Hanna Albrektson, and I must say that I really enjoyed looking through her portfolio. Especially striking are her beautiful drawings over photographs and her shoes and bags made from paper. She is very talented and technical and is always open to receiving new types of assignments.…


Blendscapes by Oriol Angrill Jorda

Oriol Angrill Jorda is a Spanish illustrator who works with a variety of media including pastels, watercolors, colored pencil, acrylics, graphite and charcoal. Strangely enough Jorda never planned to work in the realm of art. He had no interest in art


Victoria Semykina Illustrations

In a parallel universe, the perfect world would be made out of illustrations. That’s probably what Victoria Semykina, an illustrator and fine artist from Russia currently resident of Bologna, has in mind. Semykina, transforms her every day stimulus into illustrated observation of the world around her. Her love for ships and traveling as well as…


Somefield’s Illustrations

I just discovered the world of illustrator Somefield and I have to say that I love his style a lot. Always illustrating cute, stylish girls with oversize animals on colorful backgrounds, it creates an interesting mix that makes his illustrations pretty unique.


Darcel Disappoints X Colette: 150/15 Exhibition

Sarah Andelman chose a special and well-know friend of Colette, to help her blow the 15 candles on the Parisian boutique’s birthday cake.  Craig Redman (with whom has collaborated many times, most memorably for Colette’s christmas cards), in order to honor Colette’s anniversary, illustrated 150 of its friends and collaborators

Il Lee-Pen Art-7

Il Lee’s Pen Art

Korean born, Brooklyn based Il Lee is best known for his ballpoint pen abstract artworks which he has been doing for more than 30 years. It is stunning to think about the labor that goes into each of these works, and not to mention how many pens it must takes to do the larger pieces,…