Icon: Françoise Hardy

Since we brought you French new wave star Jean Paul Belmondo as this week’s male style icon, it’s only fitting that French singer and actress Françoise Hardy is our inspiration for ladies style on this day.


Lauren Hutton Style

Lauren Hutton’s iconic style, so much engrained in the mythos of fashion, is making a particularly prominent appearance in trends of late.


Icon: Barbarella

This week’s style icon is the Barbarella, the wild, naughty space traveler first appearing in a French comic book and later immortalized by Jane Fonda in the 1968 movie of the same name.

joe black 1

Joe Black’s Art Work

Joe Black doesn’t really consider himself an artist as much as he does an image-maker. Utilizing pretty much anything small and plentiful—ball bearings, plastic pins, badges, and Lego Bricks, and the like—Joe puts together thousands of these everyday items to create larger images, usually portraits of icons.

James Charles-dollar-art-11

Currency Manipulations by James Charles

In the past we reviewed Chinese Money folding, Money Origami and pretty similar to this, Lady Gaga on a dollar bill, but nothing as detailed as these humorous and amazing manipulation of dollar bills by James Charles. From Star Wars to Jimi Hendrix via politicians or pop icons, James Charles did them all! Currently exhibiting…