Peter Stewart ‘Stacked’ Hong Kong Skyscrapers

Australian travel and cityscape fine art photographer Peter Stewart captures these stunning images from the most densely populated places in the world – Hong Kong. This series ‘Stacked‘, Stewart played with the perspectives as well as using the architecture to create some sort of patterns. 


Flask and The Press [Hong Kong]

Flask and The Press is an unconventional duo that upends the traditional speakeasy concept: an intimate contemporary lounge concealed behind the facade of a cheery, sandwich shop.


Museum Restaurant by Studioilse

    London’s Studioilse turns out another excellent study in eclecticism, this time, in Hong Kong. Duddell’s, a restaurant and gallery in the Shanghai Tang Mansion, serves Michelin-starred Cantonese food to a members-only crowd.



In the same way that Nike drops several awesome sneaker styles at once, the brand launched six stores all over the world yesterday in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Hong Kong

Baccarat-Hong-Kong-SS14-Tim Wong-1

In the Land of Goats

Baccarat is a luxury magazine from Hong Kong, given to shooting almost theatrical fashion editorials. For their Spring/Summer 2014 issue, photographer Tim Wong worked with stylist Cheryl Leung and set designer Gemma Hayden Blest to stage a wintry set, barren of life, if not for the goats meandering around a ghostly


Troika: Squaring the Circle

  A couple weeks back in Art Basel Hong Kong, one showstopper that got all the spectators in a frenzy was a perplexing installation piece by Troika.


Daniel Büttner’s Down Town Series

The grit and gloss of the Hong Kong urban architectural landscape are on full display in Daniel Büttner’s series Down Town. The Berlin-based photographer/designer captured its angles and curves with his


Kay Kwok’s ‘Fake Eternity’ Collection

Hong Kong designer Kay Kwok shines a new light on menswear this year with his 2012 collection ‘Fake Eternity’. The collection presents a new perspective in Ancient Egyptian Culture. Kwok combined three main concepts in order to inspire the prints for this collection. The relationship of the sphinx and sunlight, chemical reactions of mummies bodies