Bohemian Bathing Accessories By Quiet Town

Quiet Town is a proud Made in Brooklyn bathroom accessories label inspired by sunshine and beach life. The concept is to bring pleasure into usually mundane shopping for bathroom accessories –


A Modern and Minimalist Approach to Classic Car Prints

Petrolified is a print project introduced by artist and designer Martin Miskolci, in 2013. This car enthusiast is a storyteller. His objective is to bring automotive inspired art to the public, by creating posters which illustrate some of the most iconic creations in the car world. From the Ferrari Tesstarossa to the Datsun 240Z, each poster shares a story…


Ferm Living Geometry Posters

    Ferm Living‘s latest collection of posters can be summed up in three words; clean, minimalist and geometric. Hints of Russian constructivism combined with balanced compositions and visually arresting graphic tessellations, these posters are the perfect addition