New McCafe Commercial Spoofs Hipster Coffee Culture (LOL)

Considering that I’m not a fan of McDonalds or their culture in general, on the other hand I’m a fan of a good commercial and funny spoofs! In this case, McDonald’s is gently lampooning urban hipster coffee culture in its latest campaign from Leo Burnett London. (LOL)


Bicycle Taxidermy by Regan Appleton

Break out your inner hipster and immortalize your favorite means of transportation.  Whether it be your shiny red big wheel you had as a kid or your upgraded mountain bike that has seen its last adventure, say RIP and hand over your handlebars to London based artist Regan Appleton and his

Reynard 1

Wythe Hotel & Reynard

A Room with a view: Wythe Hotel and accompanying restaurant Reynard are the chicest Brooklyn destination, period.  All Williamsburg skeptics will be put to shame after one visit to this revamped historic hotel.  Turn of the century original masonry, arched windows, cast iron columns, and original wood flooring are only a few of the