The Cookbook Book

Compiled by a panel of experts and featuring 125 seminal cookbooks from the last 100 years, Cookbook Book is a celebration of the world’s most beautiful, influential and informative cookbooks.


“It” by Alexa Chung

Filled with quirky little tidbits from her personal life, Alexa Chung’s much-anticipated book “It” is everything one would expect from the model, muse and global fashion trend-setter. The cloth-covered book contains creamy pages covered in photographs, writings and illustrations, and offers insight into Chung’s fascinating life ranging from style and makeup tips to musings on…


The Outsiders by Gestalten

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” This sentence of Ralph Waldo Emerson illustrates perfectly what The Outsiders is all about.   Gestalten’s latest book The Outsiders: New Outdoor of Creativity showcases the outlook and passions of the new creative scene that has emerged in travel.…


36 Hours Asia, Oceania & Europe

We’re big fans of Taschen, especially their collection of books dedicated to the art of spending 36 Hours in a given place. Their most recent additions, 36 Hours Asia & Oceania, and 36 Hours Europe, are on our “covet” list.


The Monocle Guide to Good Business

Monocle’s recently published guide is full of fresh and practical ideas that can help improve any type of business. The guide steers away from corporate truisms and doesn’t indulge in industry success stories.


Room, Inside Contemporary Interiors

Room is an extensive study of the world’s emerging leaders in the interior design space conceived and produced by global publishers Phaidon Editors. The book explores 100 of the top experimental interior design projects chosen by 10 acclaimed curators from all over the map. Spanning from Nacho Alegre, the cofounder of what is collectively recognized…