Irrational Matter

Shopaholics have so much in common with surrealist artists. Both of them are obsessed with a very random selection of beautiful things. 


New Eco-friendly Handbag by Fleabags

With tons of press coverage already, you may have heard of Fleabags, an Eco-friendly line of handbags handmade in Brooklyn. Made by designers Shira Entis and Alex Bell, who bonded over their shared love of flea market shopping, these totes are the perfect carryall for anything under the sun.


Taeseok Kang Handbag Collection

Have a look into the London College of Fashion’s Fashion Artefact program, which teaches studio courses in the use leather, metal, plastic and wood. One of our favorite finds is the work of Taekseok Kang, seen here, which touches upon


Gucci Zoo ‘Kid’ Accessory collection

A cute ‘children’s’ accessory collection for those animal lovers out there. Gucci has just introduced their Gucci Zoo collection, including handbags (with monogram birds which look a lot like a mix between the twitter logo and angry bird) and miniature sized key chains and wallet in different pastel colors.

Blake LIVELY pour Chanel

Blake Lively Mademoiselle Chanel Campaign

Here is the first look at the latest Chanel campaign featuring the official ambassador, hip actress Blake Lively, as well as special “behind the scenes images” of Ms. Lively’s shoot with Karl Lagerfeld. Blake Lively has been chosen by Karl Lagerfeld to represent Chanel with her fresh,


Fendi ‘Pantone’ Baguette

The classic ( well, classic because it’s been around for ten years now) Fendi Baguette is now available in white-canvas with a set of 48 Pantone markers and a logo-embossed wooden box to allow the buyer to color and decorate their Fendi anyway they choose.