Behomm: Creatives Share their Home Worldwide

  With people flying overseas on a more regular basis than before, staying at a hotel is no longer the only option when finding accommodation abroad. Couch-surfing, backpacking and now home-stays are becoming the newer, trendier and cheaper options for all those wanderlust individuals.  


Grand Budapest Hotel Detail Drawings

Lorena G is a Barcelona-based graphic designer with a thing for Wes Anderson movies. So much so, that after she watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, she got to work on a series of twenty illustrations that seem to take a scavenger hunt through the film’s set


Graphic Fruit Posters

NYC-based ward-winning graphic designer Christopher Dina, is rapidly making his mark in the world of logo and brand design. Vibrant, energetic and bold, his latest series, ‘Fruit’ successfully showcases his versatile creative talent as he sets out to “celebrate the wondrous varieties of fruit, their unique forms and myriad of colors”.

Anna Kovecses_hungarian alphabet

Ábécés könyv by Anna Kovecses

This book is for Rebeka: the Ábécés Könyv aims to teach her the Hungarian alphabet. Starting from common stuffs the little girl is interested in during her summer of 2013, the graphic designer Anna Kovecses has drawn subjects belonging to the summer holidays’ world, an island, Mediterranean Sea, little things. The Hungarian alphabet is made…

food sketches-salted caramel budino

Food Sketches by Erin Jang

  Seattle born, New York based illustrator and graphic designer Erin Jang has a fantastic ongoing series called Food Sketches which I could not resist sharing with our readers. In these series Jang illustrates abstracted graphic representations of foods she has eaten in different restaurants. Such a creative way to share food experiences and give little…


Julien Mercier Identity Designer

Julmeme is Julien Mercier, a Swiss Graphic Designer living and working in Tokyo since 2006. After studying Graphic Design Communication in Geneva, he moved to Japan in order to explore a new design and mix Swiss typography with Japanese kanjis.