Lingerie Typeface: The Most Advanced Typeface Yet

Lingerie Typeface: The Most Advanced Typeface Yet. Designed For Fashion. Made To Seduce. If fashion-forward, sexy lines with boundless possibilities is what you’re looking for in a typeface, look no further than Lingerie Typeface.


Kati Forner’s Take On Tarot Cards

Kati Forner’s sleek and minimal take on the mystic tarot cards is a project for a fashion store The Dreslyn. Aiming to refresh and modernize usually heavily illustrated tarot decks, the symbolism of this set lays in geometry.


Vibrant Visual Identity For Biocol Labs

An identity project for pharmaceutical Biocol Labs by Lisbon-based AHxHA Studio proves creativity can saturate any industry. The post-chemical society offers a fresh take on healthcare, trying to cater for human needs traditional medicine can’t fulfill.