Andre Larcev’s Botanical Graphics

Russian artist Andre Larcev is the creative mind behind floral graphics that feature poetic phrases intertwined in between the leaves. Larcev is currently residing in Moscow, where he works as a designer and sound producer.


Moshik Nadav take on the Ampersands

Halfway between ligature and contraction, the beauty of the ampersand is it stands alone with clear meaning. Often called the 27th letter of the alphabet its etymology is fascinating, dating back to 1AD.


Lingerie Typeface: The Most Advanced Typeface Yet

Lingerie Typeface: The Most Advanced Typeface Yet. Designed For Fashion. Made To Seduce. If fashion-forward, sexy lines with boundless possibilities is what you’re looking for in a typeface, look no further than Lingerie Typeface.


Kati Forner’s Take On Tarot Cards

Kati Forner’s sleek and minimal take on the mystic tarot cards is a project for a fashion store The Dreslyn. Aiming to refresh and modernize usually heavily illustrated tarot decks, the symbolism of this set lays in geometry.


Vibrant Visual Identity For Biocol Labs

An identity project for pharmaceutical Biocol Labs by Lisbon-based AHxHA Studio proves creativity can saturate any industry. The post-chemical society offers a fresh take on healthcare, trying to cater for human needs traditional medicine can’t fulfill.


Pleid Digital Art Agency

Madrid based creative agency Pleid was founded by Art and Motion Director Juanma Mota with a focus on creating enhanced visuals to be enjoyed by people, with the aim of reaching stunning results;


One-A-Day Futuristic 3D Renders

‘Everydays’ by artist Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple creates images of amazing sci-fi landscapes. The images combine galactic space elements and sometimes people.


Traverse Airline Identity

An Airline where the flight’s destination is unknown. Central Saint Martins graphic design students, James Robison and Georgia Harman were tasked with creating a new fictitious Airline, TRAVERSE caters for the wanderluster’s looking for adventure.


Carl Burton’s Surreal Monochromatic GIFs

Digital artist and animator Carl Burton creates quick atmospheric GIFs that blend elements of science fiction and surrealism. Glittering illuminated tentacles appear to twist through the dark while neon lasers emerge from deep pools of water.


Curious Feast: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists

Tomorrow, April 5th, This delightful ‘Curious Feast’ box features one hundred postcards from ten celebrated artists exploring the subject of food will be released. These extraordinary cards in our popular box format offer a rich variety of imagery from various mediums, from photography and collage to painting and illustration.


Daniel Triendl Draws Attention To True Issues

Daniel Triendl is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer who lives and works in Vienna.His work is interested in exploring connections between subjects, colors and language, which he showcases in bright illustrations and typography.


The Visual Experiments Of Jozef Ondrik

Jozef Ondrik is a young graphic designer from Slovakia. He was born in 1988 in the city of Ruzomberok, where he studied at the School of Applied Arts. He then moved to the Czech Republic to specialize in Graphic Design and Typography. Based in Manchester, the young graphic designer is currently working with Deep Throat…


A Polished Breakfast

Paris-based graphic designer Kali Day reimagines breakfast milk bringing a sleek collection of flavored milk to the table.


Hair Extensions with an Identity

Saxon Campbell is a Brooklyn based designer, creative, and photographer. We came across this identity project he did for Aqua Hair Extensions