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Holiday Gift Ideas : Tech-Chic

Here is a quick guide for those design and technology lovers you know. We have selected some beautiful gadgets that make great gifts for the holidays without burning a whole in your pocket. Featured above are SlickWraps for iPhone and iPad starting at $25, Jawbone UP Wristband $159, Celluon Projection Keyboard $169, Empty Memory USB…


Deadly Cocktails: The Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Serve up a killer cocktail– without adding molotov. This Bullet Ice Cube Tray makes a clip of 12 bullet-shaped ice cubes ready for your rocks glass chamber. While we’ve seen some pretty bad ass cubes in our day…

Seems like even more of Killer Sex Toy to me. Cheap, efficient, hygienic, and disintegrates away with the fun.


Inspire Me, Now!

Inspire me, Now is a really fresh Tumbler Blog that posts about really cool design objects and concepts. Below are a few things I pulled that i thought were really clever.

Digital Photowatch

A half-way house between a digital watch and those crazy do-it-all multimedia watches, the digital photo frame watch may actually appeal to more people. The built-in memory can store 60 photos and it can…

Netvibes Social Widget – The New Internet

For those who don’t know it Netvibes is the new internet Generation ! Make it at your home page or just have it as bookmark and play… If you do not understand what a widget is, it’s basically a little program that is directly connected to internet and gives you specific informations. Netvibes is all…