Painting Without Paintbrush: 31 Days of Creativity

Written by Guest Blogger Indre Blauzdziunaite “Hi! I’m Hong Yi, I’m an artist-architect who likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush” – claims Malaysian artist, which goes by the nickname Red.

A Visit to the Bedford Post Inn

A Visit to the Bedford Post Inn

Close your eyes and try to picture the most charming hotel possible. If you envisioned the Bedford Post Inn then you would be correct. This tranquil escape from NYC is closer than you may think. A short 45 minutes outside the city and you instantly enter relaxation mode. Upon arrival you are greeted by an…

04 living food

The Living Food Project

If one of the basic principles of conceptual art is to challenge and question the nature of art itself, then Minsu Kim’s haute-cuisine venture, The Living Food Project, is its perfect manifestation.

Catherine Losing X The Gourmand

Catherine Losing X The Gourmand

Food experimentations straight from the lab of Dr. Frankenstein. The ingredients in these images take on a life of their own and systematically cook themselves. Entitled The Serpent That Ate Its Own Tail, this photo series is photographed by London artist Catherine Losing. It comes to no surprise that


10 Greek Street [London]

Written By Guest Blogger Tara Lange With a name to match its location and an artfully crafted menu, it would be hard, and rather silly to forget this à la mode London restaurant.


Bushwick Restaurant Week Thru June 22

Thru June 22 Various Locations Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY Bushwick Restaurant Week is almost over!  Don’t forget to take advantage of all our special offers and promotions!  Buy 2 get the third free at our bars, 15% and or specialty menu items at restaurants, coffee specials, and a $5 bottomless cup of ice cream!  Check out…


The First Taste – TEDxSydney

What a cute video! One of the highlights of TEDxSydney 2013 was ‘The First Taste’, a short film by Saatchi & Saatchi and Heckler. Set to orchestral music and shot in slow-motion, the short features young children taking their first taste of

The Lambs Club6

The Lambs Club

An oasis of fine dining and refined dishes flourish in the middle of the cacophony that is Times Square.


High Tech Dining: [email protected] Cafe By 2 x 4

The other day at Barneys, while trying to decide whether I’ll be rocking this summer’s overalls trend in basic denim or neon green, I had the chance to dine in the new cafe on the 8th floor, [email protected] Unlike their hugely popular Fred’s, which I have come to rely on for a lively scene, great…

beth galton cut food 8

Beth Galton’s Cut Food Series

Cut food doesn’t come off as the most interesting concept, falling somewhat in the “even my kids can do that” area of art. But Beth Galton‘s Cut Food series makes you eat those words, and then