Frozen Food Dissected By Studio Mathery

‘Al Freddo’ loosely translated as ‘in the cold’ is a project by an Italian Studio Mathery inspired by occasions where we put the excessive amount of food into our freezers to keep for later.


When Food Photography becomes Art

British art director Gem Fletcher and photographer Aaron Tilley worked on these two editorial projects: Space Cakes and Indulgence – Food Weather. The first series for Gourmand shows weather phenomena such as melting glaciers, tsunami or a storm with foods.


Future Food: What Are We Really Eating?

The series “Future Food” by William Godwin and Eric Gilkey first appeared on the April issue of Human Being Journal, a bi-annual print magazine by the publication and design studio inside Need Supply Co.


A Taste with Renee Kemps

Renee Kemp is an Amsterdam based student that is currently spending all her free time in the Kitchen to produce work for her beautiful, name sake, blog. She develops all the recipes, styles and shoots everything herself. A true foodie catch!


Emperor’s Garden

A great graphic photo series of still life’s by James Tolic and his partner Georgie that aim to enhance and hyper stylize the existing artificial quality of food.


Line Falck Food Photography

  Line Falck is a photographer who’s work will make your mouth water. Specialized in food photography, this Danish artist knows exactly what to do with a delicious meal before it gets consumed.


Food Styling by Kate S. Jordan

Food should always be about stories, memories and flavors, and Kate S. Jordan understands profoundly the meaning of the relation of food and the lives of people.


L.A.’s Classic Eats Get Some Pop

Los Angeles-based photographer Stephanie Gonot showcases a series of foods as still life using the city’s most iconic junk food joints as subjects for a solo installation at The Standard, Hollywood.

Black Spaghetti with Mushrooms and Parmesan-4

Black Spaghetti with Mushrooms and Parmesan

Berlin-based photographer and Chef duo Nicky and Max, put their crafts together to bring this artistic recipe to fruition. At its first steps of conception they were not sure whether this was style post, an inspiration post or a recipe post, their goal was to give their portfolios a creative boost


Aya Nishimura Food Styling

Written by Julia Kasper Japanese-born chef Aya Nishimura fuses her knowledge of great recipes with humble home-cooked styling. Honing in on fresh and wholesome ingredients, the food stylist and home economist’s work


The Art of Plating

Anyone who’s ever documented their food knows how hard it is to get the composition just right. Sauces, while flavorful, tend to obscure the features of the meats or fresh produce that they accompany. On the flip side, The Art of Plating is an online publication that aims to bring those very colors, textures and…


Forbidden Fruits

Conceptual set designer Kyle Bean collaborated with photographer Aaron Tilley on a dark, tongue-in-cheek and gorgeous editorial for artsy food magazine The Gourmand.


Trendwatch: Maurizio Di Iorio

Written by Mateus Andrade   Transforming set-ups often used in print ads into smart and explosive combinations, photographer and founder of DISTUBER Magazine Maurizio Di Iorio masters the art of color blocking and distinctive textures. 


Italian Gastronomy

Kaitlyn Du Ross is a very talented freelance prop stylist based in Brooklyn, NY. She specializes in culinary props for food and still life photography.  Simplicity underlies her work as each element is carefully selected and placed to ensure perfect compositional balance. With a holistic approach Kaitlyn explores color, lines, layering and form to ensure…