Butchers Are All the Hype

  In the past few years, the understanding of what a butcher is has been subject to change by the perspectives of different designers, who are playing on our experience as costumers.


Fazer Café Branding

The Helsinki based design studio, Kokoro & Moi designed an elegant visual identity, from packaging to apparel, for Fazer Café. Kokoro & Moi dug deep into the historic roots of the cafe, established in 1891, to develop a refreshed tone-of-voice for the new brand identity project.

Chocolate-Pencils-By Nendo-1

Chocolate Pencils by Nendo

Patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu with his latest collaboration, reached the ultimate confectionary sophistication. Based on his impression of Nendo, he created a desert that comes with its own chocolate pencils and sharpener.

Plating Design – Chapter One – 1

Plating design for “Chapter One”

For Head Chef of “Chapter One” restaurant and Michelin star winner, Ross Lewis, food styling comes with its very own plate. The team of DesignGoat was given the task of coming up with a plate for Lewis’s petit fours.

Andrew Stellitano Design Times © Dominic Davies

The Art Of Gastronomical Design by Andrew Stellitano

London-based set designer Andrew Stellitano has experimented with screen-printing, laser cutting and digital manipulation all in the name of culinary art. An innovative creative with a passion for taste and presentation, Stellitano’s approach to food design is a multi-sensual experience of unique proportions and composition.