Russell Kleyn’s And Gina Kiel’s Mirage Collages

Russell Kleyn and Gina Kiel partnered with The Service Depot for a series of abstract mixed media collages featuring fresh, international fashion labels. The two artists from New Zealand have already defined their strong, visual aesthetic that mixes fashion with pop culture elements.


Iconic Shoe Postcards By Antonio Soares

“Iconic Shoes Postcards” is a new box of watercolour illustrations by Portuguese Antonio Soares. Featuring some of the most iconic designs, the cards show exquisite footwear in completely new contexts. A flower grows through a Saint Laurent Cage Boot and a crane is perched on a back heel of a Marc Jacobs. A collaboration between…


Gregory Masouras Mash-ups High Fashion with Disney

Young Greek photographer and illustrator Gregory Masouras is known for his mash-ups of high-fashion editorials and celebrities with Disney characters. With a great Instagram following of 118K followers, he loves to introduce to his fans his mash-ups and replacing Kendal or Kim with Princess Jasmine or Mulan.