Charlie Schuck’s Modern Still Lifes

The design still lifes by Charlie Schuck speak minimalism and modernity. Schuck is a photographer and an art director. Occasionally, he also works as an art curator and it shows in the composition and arrangement of his images.


Margot Molyneux Store [Cape Town]

Established in 2011, fashion retailer Margot Molyneux has opened its first address at the end of last year. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the shop offers a selection of clean-cut casual silhouettes in a Art Deco ambience.


Pink Marshmallow Sweater by Nadine Goepfert

This pink ‘memory foam’ sweater is the centerpiece of Nadine Goepfert’s ‘The Garments May Vary’ collection. A selection of clothes made from technical and combined fabrics that capture the traces of who wears it.


Welter Shelter Wants You to Stay Dry and Warm

The Amsterdam based all-weather jacket brand “Welter Shelter” sheds a new light on Insulation and technical fabric use in its Autumn Winter 2016 collection. This season the insulation is produced in close cooperation with Meida, a superior insulation program that keeps you warm whilst remaining thin, flexible and breathable.


Dior Homme Skateboard Lookbook Filmed by At Large Magazine

Luxury fashion is going back to the street (again!) Gucci is doing street art and now Dior Homme is going full on Skateboard vibe with this gorgeous black & white, double exposure video lookbook. Set against a backdrop of Los Angeles’ famed Venice Skate Park, the film is inspired by the Neo-new wave skate culture…