Rolf Buck Fashion Stylist

You have probably already come across his work since he has styled a lot of Madame Peripetie’s shoot. German fashion stylist and set designer, Rolf Buck has a overflowing abundance of creativity, always introducing avant-garde outfits and thinking outside the box, his styling is definitely different than other stylists…


Toby Grimditch’s Style

Written by Guest Blogger Anna Tatton London-based stylist Toby Grimditch pieces together wonderful editorials, with each outfit envying the next. I love how the outfit’s seem to perfectly reflect the mood of the model. Toby manages to style the usually obscure clothes in such a way that his model’s still appear completely at home in…


Telephone by Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce [Fashion Credits]

CUSTOM MADE CRIME SCENE TAPE BY BRIAN LICHTENBERG Not that we are super fans of Lady Gaga, but we have to congratulate her stylist for continuously doing such an amazing work, and especially on Gaga’s newest vide, Telephone. Nicola Formichetti, is considered to be one of the best stylist in the Industry. [Watch Telephone by…


Sebastiano Ragusa Stylist

Great inspiring work from Berlin based stylist Sebastiano Ragusa?  he’s also Fashion Director of the underground magazine Derzeit.

tiana wallace – wardrobe stylist-1

Tiana Wallace – Australian Wardrobe Stylist

Australian wardrobe stylist and former Australian Vogue market editor, Tiana Wallace’s portfolio covers a full range of meticulously executed style. Her work as a a stylist has contributed to magazines including Oyster, Harper’s, Pages, and Grazia. She has traveled to many countries in developing her portfolio and this is major factor in the quality of…

roberta rusconi-fashion stylist-1

Roberta Rusconi : Fashion Stylist

Roberta Rusconi began her styling career as a fashion stylist for the magazine D La Repubblica delle Donne and has been working for the magazine since it’s’ beginning in the late 1990’s. Roberta also collaborates with the following magazines Mirage, Plastic and Grey and is also a fashion editor for Metal Magazine. She has a…


Kattaca: Fashion Stylist

We have referenced the work of Kattaca many times, especially in relation to photographer Paco Peregrin seen best in the Spain’s Fashion Production Dream Team article – Kattaca works pretty much exclusively with Paco Peregrin and when they work together, you can recognize it from far. The trio definitely have their own style! They like to play with structural fabrics and shapes and an amazing makeup and hair team which helps a lot on the creativity of the outfits. Mario Ville and Carol Gamarra are the genius stylists formerly known as Kattaca. You can see their work in magazines like Neo2 or maybe Tendencias but it is easily the caliber ( if not above and beyond) of ID, Surface or Dazed & Confused – Be sure to check out her work at it is pretty mind blowing!