Jenni Porkka Photography

Jenni Porkka Photography

Stockholm based photographer Jenni Porkka has only been shooting professionally for 2 years but has already amassed an a long client roster including Zink, Kurv, Spex, Hint, Lush, Idoll, Glitterati and Fan The Fire amongst others.

Pierre-Even photography

Pierre Even Photography

Not a lot of information on French photographer Pierre Even, except that he shoots for a hand full of cool underground magazine like Purple, Double, Numero and Muse. I guess his images speak for themselves.


Photo Embroidery by Ausra Osipaviciute

Shot by Lithuanian photographer Ausra Osipaviciute and embroidered by Gintare Pasakarnyte. I really like the concept of the embroidery on photography, makes me think of Maurizio Anzeri but in a more fashionable way…


16 years old Rising Photographer: Eleanor Hardwick

She’s only 16 but already one of the ‘IT’ fashion photographers of her generation. Discovered on Flickr under the nickname Lenaah, Eleanor Hardwick already has a huge following and has shot for big name publications at ONLY 16 ! All thanks to internet…


Carlos Nunez Photography

I just stumbled over the “sexy-fashion” portfolio of Carlos Nunez. A Los Angeles based photographer, who shoots Los Angeles hipster chics. Nothing too extraordinairy here, but I like his lighting, his retouching, his model choices and the styling is pretty good as well (when there is a stylist).


Macushla Burke Photography

Just discovered Aussie Macushla Burke‘s photography by stumbling on her collaboration with amazing fashion illustrator Kelly Smith – Unfortunately not too much info about her, just that the first 4 pictures were for an editorial for CREAM Magazine called “See Emily Play”…


Andy Bettles Photography

As you may know by now, Im a curious person. So naturally, when I saw the beautiful latest cover of Wallpaper Magazine, I had to dive into some research about the photographer and his work. After finding out that it was Andy Bettles, and liking his landscapes and still life photography, I became more attracted…


Soko Zine: Digital ‘Sexy Fashion’ Magazine

Soko Zine: is a beautiful Digital Magazine, with very little text content, you can enjoy in Soko, some high-end sexy fashion editorial, with photographer and artist like Nacho Ricci, Mi-Zo, Manolo Campione or Henrik Purienne, you can be sure to have some high fashion editorials… the magazine is a pleasure to look at ! Flip…


Alexi Lubomirski Fashion Photography

I recently discovered the work of Alexi Lubomirski – shame on me for taking so long to find him. Pretty much every CondeNast publication, as well as every cool model and celebrity you can think of has been shot by Lubomirski…


Dan Martensen Photography

A lot of black&white grainy pictures of cool kids and top models is what you will find while perusing the photos of  Dan Martensen. He has been traveling back and forth through America documenting and always shooting beautiful images and people, like Erin Wasson, Agyness Deyn and Abbey Lee Kershaw amongst other… Sexy bondage here…


Aorta Photography

Aorta consists of Swedish photographer duo Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän, their signature work is “semi-documentary fashion photography” – The duo thinks cinematic and their photographs are often shot on location – They enjoy entering the idea process at an early stage and they like doing their own retouching….


Ulrich Hartmann Photography

German photographer Ulrich Hartmann has some great beauty and fashion photographs, for your inspiration here some of my favorites…


Fashion in the Mirror

Fashion in the Mirror or Self-Reflection in Fashion Photography, was an exhibition in London who undress international fashion photographers and question the creation of perfect beauty. Fashion in the Mirror is an overview of their self-examination and a rare look behind-the-scenes of fashion photography from the 1950s to the present day. Many of the shots…


Oliver Stalmans Photography

At only 21 years old the fashion photography of Oliver Stalmans is pretty stunning ! Living between France and Denmark, Olivier have a bright future ahead of him…


Lights & High Fashion Photography

Lights are always super important in photography, that’s why big names photographers are known for their unique lighting (usually set up by their assistants). Lighting takes time to understand and control, but once you know how to play with it, the result is often stunning ! DesignFeedr compiled great photographs showing high fashion photography with…


David Sims FASHION Photography !

In the Fashion & Photography Industry we all know David Sims, from his wonderful editorials in Vogue, Pop, W or Numero or for his advertising for Jill Sanders, Balenciaga or Calvin Klein – And if you dont know him, im sure you know his photographs or campaigns – Unfortunately he doesnt have his own website,…


Maciek Kobielski Photography

Maciek Kobielski has a impressive raw and sexy portfolio, He has shot editorials for prestigious publications such as Vogue Paris, Self Service, Last Magazine and The New York Times amongst others.


Studio Straulino Photography

How amazing and creative are these Studio Straulino Photographs!? I just love the ‘Human Collage’ series! But for some reason I was not able to see the rest of his portfolio except his latest work, which is pretty AMAZING ! Based in Berlin, Straulino worked with Vogue Spain, Allure, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, German Vogue amongst…

ella manor photgraphy-1

Ella Manor Photography

Ella Manor’s images create an alternate worlds fusing together the characters created for each shot, which often represented through some kind of masquerade, and the layering of environments. Manor’s style becomes distinct in the mixing of exposures and transparencies of layers she often creates to tell a story. The talented New York based photographer’s vigor…


René Habermacher Photography

Swiss-born/Paris based fashion photographer, René Habermacher has some pretty amazing photographs in his portfolio. Rene started as an illustrator, winning numerous prizes (see his beautiful Kate Moss illustration below for Numero magazine), then decided to go into fashion photography, where he’s now shoot with the most prestigious models for luxury publications such as Vogue, Numero,…


Basilio Silva Photography

Colombian photographer Basilio Silva has some great photographs in his portfolio. Currently based in Buenos Aires, he started as a documentary photographer and finally arrived in the fashion world, working for several local fashion publications. Silva has an interesting


Signe Vilstrup Photography

You have probably seen many of his fashion editorials in Vogue or Elle, Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup has an amazing (and huge) portfolio. Her style and lighting are very high fashion and pretty sexy, You should definitely check all her


Thom Kerr: Fresh Australasian Talent

Thom Kerr is one of Australasia’s newest and most exciting fashion and advertising photographers. Kerr is best known as a fashion photographer however his diverse background showcases a true creative and unique thinker.


Sam Hessamian’s Sexy Sulty Fashion Photography

Sexy, sultry, moody, smoky eyes, dark full lips, seedy hotel rooms – this is what Sam Hessamian’s photography is all about. Beautiful women drifting through the dark corners of Paris’s urban architecture, or staring provocatively straight into the camera – smoking, brooding, film noirish – beautiful fashion photography. In Hessamian’s work, elegance and emotions blend…