Magnified Magnificent Still Life Series

Fungal microorganisms are having a fundamental role by shaping novel materials and processes now and even more in the future. The beautiful and elegant ‘Magnified Magnificent’ series by


Kidnap Kid “Stronger”

British electronic dance music producer Kidnap Kid made his name with a string of successful singles on Black Butter Records.   With multiple bonafide club favorites, alongside official remixes for Disclosure, Emile Sande, Rudimental among others, we have seen him rise and maintain his place in the top of the electronic music world with speed…


The Cookbook Book

Compiled by a panel of experts and featuring 125 seminal cookbooks from the last 100 years, Cookbook Book is a celebration of the world’s most beautiful, influential and informative cookbooks.


36 Hours Asia, Oceania & Europe

We’re big fans of Taschen, especially their collection of books dedicated to the art of spending 36 Hours in a given place. Their most recent additions, 36 Hours Asia & Oceania, and 36 Hours Europe, are on our “covet” list.


Onward Internet

  Motion graphics ninja and illustrator, Alex Mapar took the “internet” to the next level after contributing to Buck NY’s latest piece “Onward Internet”


7 Best Chocolate Brands

/CASA BOSQUE/ Chocolate is a product of happiness and luxury. It’s for good reason that we crave chocolate when we’re down and give fine chocolates as gifts to loved ones.


The Inside World of the Bulgari Octo

The Inside World of the Bvlgari Octo   O cto’s seductive power lies in its sophistication. Avoiding simplistic approaches and preconceived ideas, this watch is the signature of a remarkable, unusual, and meticulous personality that embraces the complementary sides of its dual nature. In a day and age that is searching for understanding, values and…

Corn Mint Pesto tortellini in heirloom tomato fondue

Chef Nicolas Torrent, from Conscious Kitchen, blessed our kitchen yesterday with a crash course in alternative Italian cuisine inspired by San Pellegrino’s “Practice the Art of Fine Food”. He created a mind blowing 3 course meal,


Painted BLACK Mix : Stefan Biniak

    German deep house connoisseur Stefan Biniak is just one of the artists to catch as MATTE Projects kicks off their 3 act musical experience PAINTED BLACK on February 13th.

Underground Eats 6

Underground Eats

NYC has so many amazing things to do all the time…the problem is finding the best of the best. Underground Eats is here to help ease your tough life decisions and do the work for you.


Valentine’s Day With Chandelier Creative and Susan Miller

O n Valentine’s Day, couples of all sorts came together, taking in iconic downtown skyline views from the Standard East’s Penthouse, all part of a night of love, fun, celebration and astrology.  Welcomed by Richard Christiansen and his team at Chandelier Creative, the party, which benefited Freedom To Marry, featured a performance by Tokyo band…

Garage Magazine Editorial F:W 12-13  1

Garage Magazine Exclusive FW 12-13 Editorial

Photographer Thomas Giddings shot this gorgeous editorial in Samphire Hoe, Kent, for Garage Magazine with the assistance of Fashion Director/Stylist Chloe Kerman. Giddings graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2007. His first ever camera was a snappy-snaps disposable which he


Trendland Talks With Ava Carrère

Listen to “I’m Not What I Do” here BUY HERE Ava Carrère is flaunting a rebellious electro-samba-meets-tribal tune and delivering sassy prose with “I’m Not What I Do.” Flirting with traces of Camille’s “Assise,” this French gallant lofts her voice through a jungle of mixes from lullaby to rap ditty with a breath of Ladytron…

Nicky Blitz_Artwork by Dakota Solt*

Trendland Talks With Nicky Blitz

Artwork by Dakota Solt Listen to “Alive” here BUY HERE “Sometimes, I don’t go out at night. I’m gonna kick it with my parents inside.” Why? Because they’re “alive!” If life could always be that simply beautiful. Then again, the truth tends to seep out of


Chanel: The Making of the 2.55

Chanel send Trendland the exclusive insight of the making of the infamous 2.55. Here is the view of “The secrets of the Handbag” and its press release – People often ask why CHANEL accessories never seem to age. It is because, having been influenced by the men in her life and even more by her…


A Closer Look into the Ralph Lauren Car Collection

The Ralph Lauren‘s car collection of is one of the most prestigious and extraordinary in the world. Le Musée des Arts Déco in Paris presents 17 of his beautiful cars from the 1930s to today that have made their mark in history on the road and on tracks. This exhibition absorbs us into Ralph Lauren’s world, a passionate man.


Hair’em Scare’em – Book Review

Cutting-edge Publisher and Creative Agency, Gestalten just launch a new amazing book about hair !  Hair’em Scare’em presents an extraordinary exploration through the fascinating beauty and inventive possibilities of hair as a medium for artistic expression in fashion, contemporary art and design.