FKA Twigs : Video Girl

Triple threat artist FKA Twigs is at it again with another jaw dropping video-music piece, “Video Girl”.   The English singer/producer/dancer delivers a daring audiovisual capturing the

Blood Orange_Coastal  Grooves

Blood Orange: Sutphin Boulevard

Listen to “Sutphin Boulevard” here BUY HERE Let’s talk about Devonté Hynes, also known as Blood Orange. Now, let’s play the name drop game: The Chemical Brothers, Florence and the Machine, and Diana Vickers. These are just a few of names of artists to whom Hynes has donated his writing, producing, and composing talents. The…

IS TROPICAL-The Land of the Nod

IS TROPICAL: The Land of the Nod

Listen to “Land of the Nod” here BUY HERE The intro of IS TROPICAL‘s “Land of the Nod” puts the primitive back in production with simulated sticks banging on cans blended in with cold and synth-laden warehouse sounds. The quickness with which it switches gears into a warm, head-bopper is as quick as you’ll fall…

Veronica Falls_Starry Eyes

Veronica Falls: Starry Eyes and Come On Over

Listen to “Starry Eyes” here BUY HERE To make a cover your own is an accomplishment of its own. To reincarnate is a whole ‘nother cup of tea. London-based Veronica Falls revived Rory Erickson’s punk song, “Starry Eyes” into a shiny, new and improved version complete with a lighthearted and love bitten twist.