The Green Orchard House [Bristol]

For the Green Orchard House architect Paul Archer demolished existing dilapidated dwelling and replaced it with a new contemporary zero carbon residence. The site is located in a spectacular position, with views over the


Amazing Parisian Mansion: Maison de Ville CK06

CK06 is an eco-friendly house in the heart of Paris’s 20th arrondissement. Designed by internationally recognized Pablo Katz, the 2,690 square feet house features the top of the technology and Eco-friendly features such as condensing boiler and


Stop the Water While Using Me

‘Stop the water while using me!‘ is new brand of eco-conscious personal care products. 100% biodegradable with organic ingredients that remind you everyday to save water. With this awesome packaging developed by Korefe, I’m sure this product will do great with eco-lovers! The innovation behind the msrketing is that “the message is the brand”!


Mosstika Urban Greenery

We already showcased a year ago the “Eco Graffiti” – It is now turn for Hungarian born and Brooklyn based artist Edina Tokodi & Jozsef Valyi-Toth to show us their great and ‘Eco’ art under their collective name Mosstika Urban Greenery


The Uniform Project

Could you wear the same outfit everyday for a year? Well, Sheena Matheiken is doing the unthinkable for a worthy cause.

She will don the same dress (don’t fret germafreaks she has multiples a’la Superman) for a full year. The challenge is for the charming fashion imp to rework the same black tunic dress into a different chic ensemb each day with vintage and donated accessories.

Matheiken’s penchant towards uniforms stems from her upbringing in India where peers showed their unique style by pushing the limits of their required school uniforms.