Hospitality Experience with Hotel Droog in Amsterdam

Two weeks ago, Droog, the famous store and furniture curator from the Netherlands opened a hospitality experience like no other. Hôtel Droog is a place where you can come for a drink, a bite to eat, exclusive shopping, exhibitions, beauty advice, a stroll in the garden, a lecture series, or even a bed for the…

aldo bakker-10

Provocative Furniture by Aldo Bakker

Written by Guest Blogger Seema Sharma We have been writing a lot about the innovative adventures of Droog, a furniture brand in Amsterdam. Now the son of founder Gijs Bakker is stealing the throne with his conceptual work. Aldo Bakker is just like his father and mother (jewelry designer Emmy van Leersum) a conceptual designer.…


Furniture Design by Frederik Roijé

Frederik Roijé is a international design agency based in Amsterdam, which designs diverse products for brands and for market as well as for private clients. The office is renowned for its creativity and innovative designs. Furniture, lightning, interior and industrial design are part and parcel of the services provided. I’m in love with their wall…


Juxtapose Collection by Glue Jeans

Two years ago we introduced you to Glue Jeans, and today we are presenting you to their latest collection, Juxtapose. Introducing surprising new variations on their award-winning Gluejeans concept, where rather then stitched, the denim is glued.

Tree-trunk bench by Jurgen Bey

Jurgen Bey: Dutch Designer with a Twist

Jurgen Bey is a Dutch design master. He takes simple objects and transform them into furniture/art pieces with his very own vision. Bey is famous for his Tree-trunk bench with classical chair backs ($16,000 at Droog), his Light Shade Shade (Moooi) and his Earchair with giant ears, which allow peoples to have private conversation in…


Droog – Fashion Furniture

Just find out about Droog a really cool Furniture brand form Amsterdam – ( in the same time check a fancy furniture online store ) Droog is selling there, especially this cool ‘ hanger lamp ‘ ( that actually you can create on your own ) … read more