Sophie Varela Illustrations

French 27 years old Sophie Varela lives and works in Paris. Captivated by the beauty of the women she uses as an inspiration source, Sophie carries out illustrations for the Press, Fashion and Music Industries. Her glamorous and colorful pictorial work is also[…]


What I saw Today by Designerman

DesignerMan is a Fashion Designer/Illustrator living in NY, rather than taking pictures like everyone, he draws what he see. ( also probably coming from Pictures ) and since June he is now posting them his blog : WhatiSawToday. Go check it out, its really worth it ! [ More pics inside ]


Marni’s Christmas Spirit

Marni asked children from Columbia, Tibet, India, Guatamala and Brazil to capture what they say in the mirror. Of the 7,000 drawings they received…


Zevs’ Liquidated Logos

An anonymous French street artist who was amongst those who pioneered the French street scene, Zevs began his…