The Talisman According to 46 Contemporary Designers

A talisman is a small object meant to lavish magical or protective property and supposed to bring luck. Varying across countries, religions, civilization or society, for some people, the talisman lies its strength in the ideas it embodies, for others, in matter of which is made.


‘Softie Wanted’ by Mandy Roos & Victoria Ledig

Victoria Ledig & Mandy Roos are part of the young designers collective Form & Seek. Both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, they use ‘the beautiful, the ugly and the awkward’ as guideline and believe that objects are able to communicate messages.


Bags Like Toys By Les Petits Joueurs

Les Petits Joueurs transform purses into quirky statement pieces. Crafted in Italy, it was during her travels to Paris and Sao Paulo that the founder, Maria Sole, came up with an idea to create a collection of playful accessories she initially wore herself.