‘A Brush With Design’ Vintage Collection Of Shaving Accessories

Design studio Good Thing teamed up with an independent brand of shaving accessories Harry’s for a curated collection of retro brushes. The studio asked emerging international designers , such as MSDS from Toronto, Gabriel Tan from Singapore and E.O from Stockholm, to create their own reinterpretation of an old shaving brush.


Hotel Mono is All Monochrome [Singapore]

Singapore’s Hotel Mono is set in six historical shop houses in a historic Mosque Street that have undergone a modern renovation. Keeping its original elements, such as Rococo windows or characteristics airwells, the design of the hotel is clean, minimal and monochrome.


MM XVII, Matter Made’s Latest Collection

New York-based manufacturer of contemporary lighting, furniture and objects, Matter Made is the in-house brand of Matter, both founded by Jamie Gray respectively in 2003 and 2008. For Milan Design Week, Matter Made has unveiled its MM XVII collection,