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Masquespacio Gives Us Mas

Masquespacio, an award winning creative consultancy in Spain, is known for merging interior design and marketing for its clients. Now, the studio has devoted some time to focus inward, revamping their own interior design and brand following the Memphis and Postmodernism influences from their own Toadstool collection. The logotype of their rebranding takes the company’s…


Dowel Jones Everyday Objects

Dowel Jones is a young design studio by Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch based in Melbourne, Australia. The studio aims at minimizing materials and process by simplifying objects to their core values without compromising on aesthetics. They work with manufacturers specialized in the development of everyday materials and objects. www.doweljones.com



Located in the heart of Beirut, CANDYFORNIA STUDIO is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded by Ryan Houssari. The space, like the vision, is hyperreal, boosting traditional Lebanese interiors from the 19th century juxtaposed with a modern take on CMYK.