Bitossi Home Graphic Tablewear Collection

Bitossi Home designs a graphic collection of tableware, where set-ups can be constantly modified with one, smart movement. Cutlery inspired by retro shapes, placemats available in a wide range of patterns and shades, coloured glass accessories – the mix of Bitossi products is pretty eclectic.


15.0% Ice Cream Spoon by Architect Naoki Terada

Designed by architect Naoki Terada, the 15.0% Ice Cream Spoon uses your body heat to slice through frozen ice cream. Made of solid aluminum with thermal conductivity of 237 W/mK, these spoons eliminate the need to wait for your ice cream to get softer. The result is a scooping experience that is effortless, satisfying, and…


Steinbesser Experimental Cutlery Set

Steinbesser creates an avant-garde cutlery set as part of Experimental Gastronomy event. This year’s edition travelled to the outskirts of Basel, Switzerland, where eight artists were invited to reimagine classic cutlery and change the experience of food consumption. From Gabi Veit’s hollow spoon to Nils Hint’s pliers fork, by creating small, innovative artefacts, the Dutch…


Scandinavian Tabletop Simplicity

Photographer Emma Engkvist and props stylist Clare Piper shot this series of images which feature an edited collection of ceramics by smaller London makers based at Turning Earth and tabletop products by bigger international Interior brands.