The Parisianer is all About the Cover

What an awesome project! Fans of the New Yorker will really enjoy this tribute project. Not as intellectual of course since it is only about the cover… The Parisianer was born with the vision to gather Paris’s unique and talented artists together to create an illustrated cover page of an imaginary magazine that showcases their…


Song of the Day : [09/19]

Nouvelle Vague is French for New Wave, a more than appropriate name for the musical artists as making covers of new wave tracks is clearly their forte, as well as post punk and punk rock. Their renditions of the songs absolutely do the originals justice, a rare talent in comparison with others’ not-so-successful attempts at covering bands. The French artists infuse jazz, bossanova, reggae, and even country and bluegrass influences creating beautiful interpretations that one would never guess to complement the originals so damn well. Their music would be most picturesque if ears could see. They’ve three albums of the “cover” sort and it is a hard decision if asked to choose a favorite – Nouvelle Vague (their self-titled debut album) released in 2004, Bande à Part released in 2006, and 3 released in 2009. Teenage Kicks from Nouvelle Vague’s first album is a playful, cheerful, female take on the original Undertones version; perfect for a sunny, laze-about-on-the-hammock day.


Illustrated Magazine Covers

London based Artist John-Paul Thurlow is attempting to recreate cover art for every great magazine he owns (+ a few he wishes he owned). “It’s never a straight crib, the source magazines are a jumping-off point for my imagination…” A pretty cool concept and pretty refined drawing skills!